[Hip Hop News Now] Local Drummer David Myers Jr. Proves That Dreams Do Come True


For every great talent that we encounter there is another talented person waiting for their moment to take a seat at the throne. Let me introduce you to a hard working young man that will soon be able to speak on his view from the top. David Myers Jr. is a phenomenal drummer from Johnstown, Pennsylvania who is making a name for himself in the music industry.


I recently spoke to David, who is currently living in Los Angeles, and we spoke about everything, from growing up in Western Pennsylvania to earning a spot in Frank Ocean’s band. The journey of David Myers’s Jr. is definitely an inspirational one. He is a true testament that your dreams don’t have to end when you wake up.


Life is all about decisions and with great reward there is always great risk. David’s risk was leaving the “friendly city” of Johnstown and heading to the big city of Los Angeles. David journeyed out to L.A. to attend Musicians Institute, a training institution geared towards the performing arts. David decided to apply for Musicians Institute because of what they had to offer. The city of Los Angeles was also very attractive to David because of the opportunities that the city presents. However, a BET commercial was the deciding factor for him. David said that in this commercial a young man spoke about how he went to this same performing arts school to playing in Mariah Carey’s band. A journey very similar to David’s because in just three months into attending Musicians Institute David was contacted by Frank Ocean’s producer. The producer was putting together a band for Frank Ocean and saw David’s work online. From there David got the opportunity to audition for both Frank Ocean and his producer. Two weeks later David got the call that he had earned a spot in the band.

David Myers Jr

As a member of Frank Ocean’s band David traveled all across the globe. He performed in Germany, Denmark, Russia, Norway, Paris, Amsterdam, Australia, and Iceland playing for crowds as large as 20,000 people. During his first year with the band David experienced a very special highpoint, playing behind Frank Ocean as he performed on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live. That very next year David also appeared on the Arsenio Hall Show as he played the drums behind musical guests 2 Chainz and Chrisette Michele.


This past fall David spent time touring with Norwegian electronic band Lemaitre. After completing his education at Musicians Institute, the 22-year old has been spending his time building his brand as his talent continues to grow and mature. His inspiration, however, has changed in recent years. It’s the “aspiring musician” that gives Myers his inspiration. When I asked David what advice he had for the aspiring musician trying to make his or her dreams a reality. He replied, “Honestly, go for your dreams. Everyone fails, but it’s a part of winning.”

David Myers Jr. is a true talent and a humbled young man. He reminds me of a young Questlove, but his potential may just take him to unchartered territories that even Questlove himself couldn’t imagine. We at The Roundtable Empire salute David and look forward to covering his journey for years to come.


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[Hip Hop News Now] D’Angelo Sends Powerful Message During SNL Performance


Just a few months ago soul singer D’Angelo’s name was not on the tips of anyone’s tongue, but the release of his Black Messiah album has changed all that. The album soon became critically acclaimed and its message was so well received that it landed him a spot as a musical guest on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live.

The Black Messiah album was fueled by the tragic death of Trayvon Martin and it was rushed in its release due to the grand jury’s decisions not to press charges against police officers that took the lives of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. During one of D’Angelo’s performances he donned a hoodie to salute Trayvon while his band, The Vanguard, wore shirts with the words “I Can’t Breathe” in support of Eric Gardner. The studio floor also had a chalk outline of a human body to reference the death of Michael Brown.

D’Angelo really caught last night’s viewer’s attention with his “The Charade” track. His band wore shirts that loudly expressed “Black Lives Matter” and by the end of their performance, that message was clearly communicated. All in all, D’Angelo’s first televised performance in years was spectacular and hopefully viewers took much more away from it. Watch D’Angelo’s stunning performance of “The Charade” below and be sure to share your thoughts with us.

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