[Hip Hop News Now] Nancy Grace Stereotypes 2 Chainz As They Battle In Pot Debate (Epic Fail)

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Earlier this week television host Nancy Grace and Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz found themselves deep in debate over the legalization of marijuana. The HLN television journalist thought she was in for an easy win when speaking with 2 Chainz, but the tables soon turned and Nancy Grace quickly discovered that 2 Chainz came ready for battle. Nancy’s prejudgment of 2 Chainz was clear and evident, but after just a few minutes of speaker with the rapper she soon learned that Hip Hop and those engulfed in the culture are more than what meets the eye.

Nancy went into this discussion thinking that she could easily outwit 2 Chainz. As you can see below in the video clip, it was awkward, painful, and almost funny to see Nancy Grace get louder and louder as she had no other tactic to earn a victory in this battle. 2 Chainz immediately picked Nancy’s argument apart, again leaving her with nothing left to do but her usual belligerent loud talking. You could visibly see that Nancy was not prepared for this debate and was guilty of using selective information to support her argument instead of the entire picture. This time around for Nancy her condescending tone and aggressiveness led to her own demise. Sure, she gave him credit for his academic success, but she never respected it. Well, she does now, and her recent tweet is the proof.

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This shameful example of stereotyping the Hip Hop culture goes to show that Hip Hop, even with its tremendous mainstream success, is still not respected by those who we consider the majority. However, this debate proved that Hip Hop is more than just about a lyric and a beat. We here at The Roundtable Empire Salute 2 Chainz for his effort, in hope that others start to open their eyes and realize that Hip Hop needs it due respect. Aspiring artists should take note and watch 2 Chainz never lose control of this debate. There’s a time and place for everything, but sometimes Batman needs to be Bruce Wayne. “Tru.”

Check out Nancy Grace battle 2 Chainz over the legalization of marijuana below and be sure to share your thoughts with us. 


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