[Hip Hop News Now] James ‘Ruff Bone’ White Presents “Pittsburgh State Of Mind”



Director and photographer James “Ruff Bone” White is putting on for his city and in a very special cinematic way. The Pittsburgh native and CEO of The Plug Media has put together an in-depth film documenting the “Steel City’s” Hip Hop culture. In this documentary you can catch Ruff Bone traveling from neighborhood to neighborhood capturing each hood’s movement. Within these neighborhoods you’ll discover some of the city’s hottest emcees.

“People can expect to see a side of some of these artists that you have never seen. This is going to bring out the realness. It’s more focused on artists that’s from the neighborhoods and streets within the inner city,” said Ruff Bone, “I got artists like Hardo, Deezlee, Asco, Owey, and Lua Proc. I got a dedication to Lil Brucey and a dedication to Teflon; both of them got killed. I also have some footage of Wiz Khalifa and Chevy Woods while they were doing their thing in North Carolina.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 10.07.07 PM

Young Junne

Ruff Bone may be a new name to you, but Ruff Bone has been deep in the Pittsburgh Hip Hop game for years. He first got involved with the city’s music scene in the early 90’s and soon began his very own rap career. “Just being around Pittsburgh Hip Hop at a young age was so influential,” said Ruff Bone.

As much as he believed in his emcee skills they would soon take a back seat, as Ruff Bone would find his true passion to actually be behind the camera instead of in front of it. “I always messed with cameras and then it just kind of escalated. This is back in 2004 when people didn’t really have a lot of music videos. When I started taking film serious, I started learning about programs and I put some money behind it to learn more about the craft.”


Kevin Gates & Ruff Bone

What once started as a hobby for Ruff Bone quickly turned into a profession for him and from that grew The Plug Media. “I plug a lot of different people together, that’s why my business is called The Plug.”

The Plug Media offers services such as audio production, photography & video production with graphic design and animation, and also distribution. “I have a projector screen that’s in the window, so we are able to promote artists right there on Carson Street, one of the busiest streets in Pittsburgh.”

The Plug Media

Ruff Bone & Mac Miller

Even though Ruff Bone has found his niche behind the camera, he has recently got back on the other side of the camera to appear in two upcoming movies; Concussion starring Will Smith and Southpaw featuring 50 Cent and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Ruff Bone will also receive local producer credit for an episode of Drugs. Inc that was shot in Pittsburgh and will air later this year.

The city of Pittsburgh is in for an epic Pittsburgh State Of Mind weekend. The film will be released at the South Side Works Movie Theater on March 15th at 4pm and will then be available on DVD thereafter. The DVD will be available for purchase on theplugmedia.com and other websites like amazon.com.   To celebrate the release of the documentary a CD release party is being held this Friday the 13th at The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh. DJ Afterthought, Stevie B, and Lay Lanskey will host the event. Doors open at 7pm and those in attendance will see performances by Young Junne, Tolly Bandz, Reese Youngn, Owey, and more.


Ruff Bone is definitely a “shooting star” and it looks like he’s taking the city of Pittsburgh along for the ride. If you are in the Pittsburgh area this Sunday be sure to stop by and check out the Pittsburgh State Of Mind movie premiere at the South Side Works Movie Theater at 4pm. Below you can get a sneak peek of the documentary from this trailer for the upcoming film.


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