[Hip Hop News Now] ‘Empire’ Ratings Continue To Grow, Industry Shocker


Hate it or love it, Fox’s new drama Empire is a huge success. It is becoming television’s most wanted show as it continues to climb in viewership. The Hip Hop focused drama reached 10.9 million viewers with its third episode, earning a 4.3 rating among adults age 18-49. This feat isn’t just impressive, it’s amazing, and now I will explain why.

Last week Empire already achieved something special with its surge in viewers for its second episode. This is not typical for television shows because ratings usually drop significantly after the debut episode. Unlike the majority of shows on television, Empire’s ratings continue to rise after its premiere. Now please keep in mind that this is a Hip Hop centered drama filled with plenty of black actors. With that being said, there are numerous reasons why this show could have ended up as an epic fail, however, this show is proving to be far from a disappointment. Empire has got the attention of many people across the nation and Fox picked up on that immediately. The network was so fascinated with the second episode’s ratings executives already gave the nod for a second season.

The show has received rave reviews, although it has also been criticized for both its over-the-top story lines and outlandish portrayal of the Hip Hop industry. Add a 50 Cent diss to the equation and now we know we are on to something interesting.  Either way you look it at, Empire isn’t going anywhere. Just like Hip Hop, Empire is continuing to grow and gain the respect of many.

Three episodes in and Empire has become a must watch television show.


A wise man once said, “Men lie, Women lie, Numbers don’t.” 10.9 million viewers is nothing to easily overlook, but do you honestly think it is that great of a TV show? Let us know how you feel about Empire by commenting below.

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