[Hip Hop News Now] Drake’s Latest Debuts At #1 On Billboard 200


We still may be a little confused on whether Drake’s latest project is actually an album or a mixtape, but in either case his unexpected release debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200.  If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late did better than any other release this year, aside from Taylor Swift’s 1989

According to Billboard, the OVO delegate sold 495,000 copies during the first week.  It was a slight disappointment because of its predicted 500,000 sales target, but at the end of the day it was a huge win for Drizzy.  

Many people believed that Drake would have released this project for free, however, with it going retail it may have been a ploy by Drake to speed up his departure time from Cash Money Records.  Drake is still diligently hard at work on his album, Views From The 6, which will be out later this year, and will reportedly be the final release needed to meet his 5 album deal with Birdman and Cash Money Records. 

Stay tuned to the drama known as Cash Money Records by staying connected with The Roundtable Empire.  #TakeASeatAtTheTable

In the meanwhile, listen to Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late below for free.  Yeah I said it…Free! #WhereRoyaltyMeetsLoyalty


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[Special Event] ‘Silence The Violence’ Event Hosted By Mr. Cheeks

Silence The Violence

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr said it best, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  In recent times this nation has been plagued with a racial tension that is devastating this country.  Injustice and violence is happening all across this nation, in a neighborhood near you.  More and more lives are being taken, by the hands of not only the law, but by the people we know of in our own community. In the city of Johnstown, Pennsylvania they are taking a stand in an attempt to “Silence The Violence”.  

This special event will be hosted by Grammy Award Winning hip hop artist Mr. Cheeks of the Lost Boyz. It will also feature special performances by Ambition (formerly 4-Play of Pretty Ricky), TEN/27 [Trevy Is Famous], Kim King, D-Ess, and Club Fresh. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness of the violence that has been plaguing the streets and how the community can come together and help silence the violence in their streets. Members of the Johnstown N.A.A.C.P. will be present and the branch President will speak on how violence is affecting the community of Johnstown. Mr. Cheeks himself will also speak on how he was effected by violence. This event is presented by”8-ONE-4 Us” in collaboration with The Roundtable Empire and On My Hip Hop Ish.  Tickets can be purchased in advance on our website.

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[Hip Hop News Now] The Grammy’s May Have Failed, But Pharrell Successfully Communicates That #BlackLivesMatter


Pharrell Williams has made people jump out of their seats in pure happiness over his “Happy” song and just when you thought we had heard enough of the track that has had legs since it’s first release in November of 2013, Pharrell switches things up and takes this track to a whole new level. At tonight’s 2015 Grammys Pharrell had a deeper message to communicate with his “Happy” track.

While once again getting people out of their seats as he sang those popular lyrics, Pharrell made a statement to those in attendance and also to those who were viewing from home that Black Lives Matter.

With his backup dancers donning all black with their hoodies up, the choreography paused for just a moment as all on stage stood with their hands up in support of #BlackLivesMatter #HandsUpDontShoot.

Pharrell’s subtle message was clearly seen, I just hope that it was understood.  


The performer had a huge night, taking home three Grammy awards.

Before leaving the stage, Pharrell thanked God and stated, “At your service,” as he looked on to the heavens.

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[Hip Hop News Now] D’Angelo Sends Powerful Message During SNL Performance


Just a few months ago soul singer D’Angelo’s name was not on the tips of anyone’s tongue, but the release of his Black Messiah album has changed all that. The album soon became critically acclaimed and its message was so well received that it landed him a spot as a musical guest on last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live.

The Black Messiah album was fueled by the tragic death of Trayvon Martin and it was rushed in its release due to the grand jury’s decisions not to press charges against police officers that took the lives of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. During one of D’Angelo’s performances he donned a hoodie to salute Trayvon while his band, The Vanguard, wore shirts with the words “I Can’t Breathe” in support of Eric Gardner. The studio floor also had a chalk outline of a human body to reference the death of Michael Brown.

D’Angelo really caught last night’s viewer’s attention with his “The Charade” track. His band wore shirts that loudly expressed “Black Lives Matter” and by the end of their performance, that message was clearly communicated. All in all, D’Angelo’s first televised performance in years was spectacular and hopefully viewers took much more away from it. Watch D’Angelo’s stunning performance of “The Charade” below and be sure to share your thoughts with us.

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[Hip Hop News Now] ‘Empire’ Ratings Continue To Grow, Industry Shocker


Hate it or love it, Fox’s new drama Empire is a huge success. It is becoming television’s most wanted show as it continues to climb in viewership. The Hip Hop focused drama reached 10.9 million viewers with its third episode, earning a 4.3 rating among adults age 18-49. This feat isn’t just impressive, it’s amazing, and now I will explain why.

Last week Empire already achieved something special with its surge in viewers for its second episode. This is not typical for television shows because ratings usually drop significantly after the debut episode. Unlike the majority of shows on television, Empire’s ratings continue to rise after its premiere. Now please keep in mind that this is a Hip Hop centered drama filled with plenty of black actors. With that being said, there are numerous reasons why this show could have ended up as an epic fail, however, this show is proving to be far from a disappointment. Empire has got the attention of many people across the nation and Fox picked up on that immediately. The network was so fascinated with the second episode’s ratings executives already gave the nod for a second season.

The show has received rave reviews, although it has also been criticized for both its over-the-top story lines and outlandish portrayal of the Hip Hop industry. Add a 50 Cent diss to the equation and now we know we are on to something interesting.  Either way you look it at, Empire isn’t going anywhere. Just like Hip Hop, Empire is continuing to grow and gain the respect of many.

Three episodes in and Empire has become a must watch television show.


A wise man once said, “Men lie, Women lie, Numbers don’t.” 10.9 million viewers is nothing to easily overlook, but do you honestly think it is that great of a TV show? Let us know how you feel about Empire by commenting below.

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[Hip Hop News Now] Nancy Grace Stereotypes 2 Chainz As They Battle In Pot Debate (Epic Fail)

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 7.51.19 PM

Earlier this week television host Nancy Grace and Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz found themselves deep in debate over the legalization of marijuana. The HLN television journalist thought she was in for an easy win when speaking with 2 Chainz, but the tables soon turned and Nancy Grace quickly discovered that 2 Chainz came ready for battle. Nancy’s prejudgment of 2 Chainz was clear and evident, but after just a few minutes of speaker with the rapper she soon learned that Hip Hop and those engulfed in the culture are more than what meets the eye.

Nancy went into this discussion thinking that she could easily outwit 2 Chainz. As you can see below in the video clip, it was awkward, painful, and almost funny to see Nancy Grace get louder and louder as she had no other tactic to earn a victory in this battle. 2 Chainz immediately picked Nancy’s argument apart, again leaving her with nothing left to do but her usual belligerent loud talking. You could visibly see that Nancy was not prepared for this debate and was guilty of using selective information to support her argument instead of the entire picture. This time around for Nancy her condescending tone and aggressiveness led to her own demise. Sure, she gave him credit for his academic success, but she never respected it. Well, she does now, and her recent tweet is the proof.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 7.39.40 PM

This shameful example of stereotyping the Hip Hop culture goes to show that Hip Hop, even with its tremendous mainstream success, is still not respected by those who we consider the majority. However, this debate proved that Hip Hop is more than just about a lyric and a beat. We here at The Roundtable Empire Salute 2 Chainz for his effort, in hope that others start to open their eyes and realize that Hip Hop needs it due respect. Aspiring artists should take note and watch 2 Chainz never lose control of this debate. There’s a time and place for everything, but sometimes Batman needs to be Bruce Wayne. “Tru.”

Check out Nancy Grace battle 2 Chainz over the legalization of marijuana below and be sure to share your thoughts with us. 


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