[Exclusive Interview] Writer/Director Stephen ‘Stix’ Josey Is Set To Deliver New Thriller “The Hills”

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Filmmaker Stephen Stix Josey is a man on a mission. Most recently the Boston native has been busy leaving his mark on everything from music to films. The platinum music maker has produced for artists such as Mobb Deep, John Legend, and the Wu-Tang Clan. While music may have opened the door for Stix into the entertainment industry, he is now finding that film is where his talents have taken him. Currently the Producer/Director/Writer and Actor is putting his efforts towards a film that he believes will leave viewers with something to think about.

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Stephen “Stix” Josey

“The Hills” is a story about a young man who finds his way into the Los Angeles Police Academy and discovers more than he had ever imagined. His quest in life has always been to carry on the legacy of his father, who was killed while on duty in Los Angeles. The young man’s life is quickly turned upside down when the killer of his father is now trying to kill him. He soon finds out what an injustice the justice system truly is when a selfish lawyer sides with the killer to bring him down for trying to protect himself. The film really challenges you to decide what side of the law are you on. “This is a film that gives you choices. It’s a film of integrity, a film of intelligence, and a film of overcoming and overachieving,” said Josey.

Credited as the writer and director of the film, Stix has his hands all over this movie. He is also the executive producer of the film and he can even be seen in front of the camera as he plays the role of Attorney Lee.

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Omar Gooding & Stephen “Sitx” Josey

With having a great story to tell it was very important for Stix to find the right cast to bring this script to life, and that he did. “The Hills” brings its black star power to the big screen with actors like, Clifton Powell, Omar Gooding, Claudia Jordan, LaTavia Roberson, Maxine Jones, Cynda Williams, and Charles Malik Whitfield.

Omar and Latavia

Omar Gooding & LaTavia Roberson

“All of these actors are good friends of mine,” said Stix, “Malik Whitfield and I go way back,”. Whitfield is most notably known for his outstanding portrayal of Otis Williams in the Emmy winning mini-series, “The Temptations.” Another close friend of Josey’s, Pittsburgh native and former “Wire“ actor Carl Clemons is playing the role of Tony Harris in the film.  

The Hills-Cast

Carl Clemons, Charles Malik Whitfield, & Lee Davis

Lee Davis, another Pittsburgh native, is joining Stix behind the scenes as a co-executive producer of the thriller. When The Roundtable Empire caught up with Davis he was very excited about being a part of “The Hills” project. For Davis it was the story and the people involved, along with the opportunity to practice some cooperative economics, that attracted him to this movie. Equally important to Lee was his chance to be a part of a historic moment for the indie filmmaker. “God has put me on a awesome path so I can give back the way I am supposed to,” says Davis. “Stephen Stix Josey has written a great script and now directing a great movie with an equally great and talented cast.”

The Hills-3

Dannon Green, Lee Davis, & Clifton Powell

The filming process for “The Hills” has just got underway in Atlanta and will continue for a few weeks there before finishing up in Los Angeles. The film is scheduled for release in July of this year and will be distributed through Sony Theatrical to a movie theater near you.

Written four years ago by Stix, “The Hills,” is on deck to deliver audiences a fresh, yet thought-provoking perspective, all while guiding them through the film’s many twists and turns.

“I want the public to put their own twist on it, to engage it, and for it to be another choice for them, another option for them, another opportunity for them to say ‘Wow, we can do great things…we can do all things,” stated Stix.

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